Sales and IT Supervisor

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About Me

I am a highly experienced sales supervisor and customer service lead. I am able to exceed sales goals and quotas while delivering friendly customer customer care. I delegate fellow associates throughout the sales floor. With over 7 years of experience leading and managing different aspects of the retail and sales environments, I am able to promote success and productivity in all of my professional endeavors. Through my familiarity in customer service, I am extremely personable and comfortable interacting and conversing with customers in a sale focused environment.

My Skills

  • Multi-Tasking
  • Goal Oriented
  • Time Management
  • Organized
  • Takes Initiative
  • Microsoft Office
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My Education

Santa Barbara City College - 2012

Computer Science


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Independent and Motivated Worker 

I do not rely on anyone else to motivate me. The idea of successfully overcoming a task is motivation enough. Although I know when to ask for assistance, I prefer trying to first figure out an issue myself. Because of this, I have developed wonderful problem solving skills and techniques, that I then share with my colleagues so that they may share in my success.  

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Self Taught 

I willingly put in my own time to learn and grow. I enjoy the challenge of teaching myself a new skill without facilitating the help of others. For me there is no task too big that I will not at least attempt to accomplish before seeking assistance. 

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Successful Sales Manager 

I take pride in knowing the right thing to say at the right moment. I am a skilled conversationalist that can maintain a clear goal and outcome when handling clients. 


  • 2016 - Current
    Career Counselor
  • 2008 - 2016
    Sales Supervisor
    Sports Authority

My Success Stories

Shutterstock 383945131 Teacher's Assistant

At Santa Barbara City College I went around the computer lab helping students with coding and programing so that they may have a better understanding of the process.

Shutterstock 160046033 (1) Computer Engineer

At age 13 I built my fist personal computer on my own. It was at this proud moment when I realized that I can do something that not many can, or are even able to fathom.